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Hampi is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site with a famous name called the ‘Group of Monuments at Hampi’ situated at the East Central of the state of Karnataka near the city of the modern era Hosapete. It is a famous pilgrimage center for the Hindu religious people as it houses Virupaksha temple and Adi-Shankara monastery and many more active monuments. 

As per the historical evidence by European and Portuguese travelers Hampi was considered to be one of the wealthiest, prosperous and grand cities of India with numerous temples, trading markets and farms situated near the Tungabhadra River. In 1500 CE Hampi-Vijayanagar gained the status of the largest medieval town after the city of Beijing. Not just the largest but Hampi was the finest and luxurious city as it attracted a large number of traders from Portugal and Persia. 

However, in 1565 Hampi was destroyed by the Muslim Sultanate and Vijayanagar Empire was conquered and defeated. The ruins of Hampi are spread over an area of 4100 hectares, and that is the reason it is described as the ‘austere grandiose site’ by UNESCO. It has more than 1600 remains surviving with a combination of forts, Hindu temples, pillared halls, shrines, royal structures, riverside features and many more. 

Hampi has evidence of Ashokan epigraphy mentioned in various Hindu Puranas and Ramayana, reflecting that the region predates the Vijayanagar Empire.  

The geographical location of Hampi is near the Andhra Pradesh border. It is only 385 KM away from Hyderabad, 376 KM away from Bangalore and 266 KM away from Belgaum.

Hampi derived its name from Pampa, which is another name for the goddess of Parvati in accordance with the Hindu Mythology.

In the ancient pre 14th century there is evidence that the city was a part of the Maurya Empire as the Ashoka rock is situated in Degolan and Nittur.  It was in the 14th century that the army of Allaudin Khilji conquered the city and destroyed it. 

During the 18th century, Hampi remained a site of the fight as many empires from Hyderabad Nizams to Maratha kings claimed over the region. In 1799 Tipu Sultan was however defeated and killed by the combination of the Wadiyar dynasty and British forces. The region was then under the influence of the Britishers. It was not until 1800 that a survey took place by Scottish Colonel Colin Mackenzie which reflected that Hampi was utterly abandoned and only wildlife exists there. 

Moreover in the 19th-century photographs were taken of the surviving monuments and architecture by Alexander Greenlaw. These photographs are with the United Kingdom, and they are the most valuable pieces that were published in 1980.

It is a must to visit this city.

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